torsdag 12 februari 2015

11 January

What’s up, diary?

Today is Wednesday. Wednesdays are good days because Dad works late and Mom goes to kick-aerobics. So it’s the perfect time to do parent-free activities. Parent-free activities include:

* looking to see what’s in the vacuum cleaner bag
* feeding potato chips and pretzels to our fish
* trying new ways of kissing Nadia
* gluing Dad’s suits together in his closet
* watching adult-only movies on video

Watching adult-only videos is the best parent-free activity. Usually, a bunch of us get together to watch the forbidden movies. One time we saw a really good one. It was about guns, motorcycles and a boat that blew up. We fast-forwarded past all the silly romantic parts.
Speaking of romance. Yesterday I went over to Nadia’s. She was just as cute as ever. First I quizzed her on whether she still loves me. She answered YES. Then I asked her if there was anything new at her school. Then came the shock. There’s a new boy in Nadia’s class. My body went numb.
“What does he look like?” I asked, trying to be calm.
“I don’t know, he looks pretty good,” she said.
Then I went home. I had pains in my stomach and my blood was like yoghurt in my veins. The whole world was gray and sad. When I got home, I looked at myself in the mirror. I’ve never been so ugly before. “HE LOOKS PRETTY GOOD,” echoed in my head.
There’s nobody who thinks that I look “pretty good.”

Want to cry,

 Nadia might say good-bye...

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