torsdag 12 februari 2015

12 January

What’s up, diary?

I had a crisis meeting with Arnold today. We talked about my marriage problems. First Arnold wanted to discuss silk-worms. I started to sniffle, so Arnold gave in.
“Soon I might be a bachelor again,” I said.
“Welcome to the club,” Arnold said.
I started to sniffle even more. “There’s a new boy who started in Nadia’s class,” I said. “Nadia said he looks pretty good.”
“Too bad you don’t,” Arnold said, comforting me.
“I need help,” I explained. “We have to get rid of him somehow.”
Arnold suggested we call a secret agent and have him “remove” the boy.
“How can we?” I asked. “They all have secret phone numbers.”
Arnold said that he’d give it some more thought. Then he described what a silk-worm looks like.
When the meeting was over, I sat by myself and thought. I never knew that silk-worms could be so cute.
Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow. No diary, there’s nothing wrong with my pen. It’s just that tomorrow is FRIDAY THE 13TH!!! The national holiday of bad-luck. Nothing can go right on Friday the 13th. If I survive tomorrow, I’ll tell you about all the misery I’ve had to suffer through. If not, then I leave my diary and my cowboy hat to Arnold.

Thanks, peas,

 I’m shaking at the knees!

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