lördag 14 februari 2015

16 January

What’s up, diary?

Big scandal at school. Someone broke a window and broke in. Maybe they had just broken out of prison. The principal broke out in anger. There haven’t been any break-throughs on who did it. Heh heh. I’ve been trying to figure out what happened. Detective Milton the Caveman has taken the case. There are certain problems with being a caveman when you have to interrogate important suspects. For one thing, all you can ask is: “Uggh?” This is going to be a tough case to solve. First, the facts:
First - the thief came in through the window in the cafeteria.
Conclusion - he/she was hungry.
Second - the thief stole a VCR.
Conclusion - there was nothing on tv that night.
And third - the thief stole a big bag of frozen french-fries from the cafeteria kitchen!!!
Conclusion - he/she wants all the kids at Eliza P. Perkins Junior High to starve to death.
If the students starve to death then all the teachers will be unemployed. The government wants everybody to work, so this is a case of national security. I’m going to look up the number to the FBI and offer them my valuable help.
Today at school Benny said that his Dad was going to buy him an NBA all-star basketball. I told him it was too bad he wasn’t one of the stars.
“God you’re ugly,” Benny said and left.
When I got home today, the sun was shining on my heart. I had gotten a little romantic card from my wonderful Nadia. Unfortunately, Nadia’s three brothers had made the card a little less romantic. They’d drawn naked people all over the front of it. Nadia wrote that she missed me. She couldn’t understand why I had gotten so mad last week. I feel both happy and confused. What should I do now? Should I run all the way to her house and kiss her passionately? Or should I call her up and say, “Cool, Baby. Let’s get together...”?

Zippie, zippie, zack,

 Nadia is back!

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