lördag 23 januari 2016

19 january

What’s up, diary?

Hip hip hurray! Today is a special day. 
Because today is January 19th. 
Our principal’s birthday. 
January 19th is the only day of the year when our principal laughs. 
All the teachers buy him a cake that he gets to eat in the teachers’ lounge. 
It’s a big party. 
Cake, ice cream, coffee, cookies and candy ... for the teachers. 

The only party that us kids get is raising the flag in the morning. 
All the seventh-graders try to throw snowballs at the flag as it goes up. 
After all, we should get to have some fun, too. 
It’s extra fun when the principal sees our snowball attack. Then he chases us around the school. 
One time he almost choked on a piece of cake.

I really shouldn’t be writing in you right now, diary. 
I have to study for my history test. 
The execution is going to take place tomorrow. 
We have a test on World War II. 
Good thing it’s not on World War III. Then there wouldn’t be any Earth left. 
I hate studying. 
I wish I had photographic memory. 
Then you can flip through a book and like take pictures of all the pages with your mind. 
It sounds totally cool.
A friend of a friend of mine had a friend who knew this guy who had photographic memory. 
He got everything right on every test. 
Except for once when he had to look up somebody’s number in the phone book right before class. 
When he got the question: WHO STARTED WWII? the guy answered: Andersen, Oscar - 301 Rose Field Ln - 555-3924. 
The guy could only remember what he had seen in the phone book. 
I guess maybe having photographic memory isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
Now I’m going to fix a new recipe I made up: Cheetos with sweet and sour sauce. 
If it’s good I’m probably going to win the Nobel Grease Prize.

Thanks, peace,
 sweet and sour grease!

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