lördag 23 januari 2016

26 January

What’s up, diary? 
 My life has been given back to me. 
 I am no longer a starving plankton. 
 Our diet is over. 
 It ended yesterday. Mom found two sauce stains on Dad’s tie. 
 He had eaten lunch with his boss. 
 Today I am both happy and glad. 
 I’ve been busy developing my sixth sense. 
 Answer: your sixth sense is when you can predict things, like when you KNOW what is going to happen in the future. 
 Example 1. The next word I’m going to write is going to start with the letter x. 
 What did I tell you?! 
 My sixth sense predicted that the next word was going to start with an x, and it was right! 
 I picked a hard letter so you wouldn’t think I was bluffing. 
 I even know what we’re going to have for lunch at school tomorrow. Without looking at this week’s menu!!! 
Now I’m turning on my sixth sense: ZZZZZZZHUMMMZZZZZZZ. 
We’re going to have pizza. 
I tried to prove my powers to Mom. 
 She said that we always have pizza on Fridays so it’s not all that hard to guess. 
I was insulted. 
 “Do you think I’m a fake??” I asked her. 
“If you’re not a fake then maybe you can tell me next week’s lottery numbers so that we can all be millionaires,” she answered. 
“Too bad,” I said. “My sixth sense works best in poverty.” 

 Don’t panic, it’s magic!

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