lördag 23 januari 2016

29 January

What’s up, diary?

I hope that the police don’t have special fire-works dogs. 
Because if they do, then Arnold and I better run away to Alaska. 

Here is a true description of what happened when we celebrated Arnold’s reign as king with home-made fire works.
The innocent culprits, Arnold Martin and Ned Floyd, met together by pure accident at Arnold’s house. 
There, by chance, they put together a few completely harmless bottle-rockets. 
By mistake, the two boys happened to bring the bottle-rockets with them to Castle Park. 
Just as the mistake was discovered, Arnold accidentally lit a match right near the fuse. 
Unfortunately, the bottle-rockets flew off toward a house.
“Long live the king! Run for your lives!” the boys screamed as the bottle-rockets disappeared into somebody’s yard.

What happened next, is at the current time unknown. 
But as we speak, surely hundreds of reporters are trying to uncover the truth. 
The whole story is tragic. 
Maybe it never even happened. 
And if it didn’t, then Ned Floyd and Arnold Martin weren’t involved. 
And if they were, then it wasn’t on purpose.
Long live the king!

Bye, bye,
 royal pie!

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