lördag 23 januari 2016

31 January

What’s up, diary?
 Today is the absolutely last day ... of the month.
 Maybe I should write a little summary of what’s happened during this, the first month of the year. Well, it started with ... um ... and then ... what happened next?
 Well ... no, forget it, nothing really happened.
 Or wait, NOW I know. I got three zits and a cold.
 Otherwise, nothing to report.

 Today my band the HOT MARTIAN HUNTERS has rehearsal.
 Jasper bought a new guitar string that he wants to try out and Little-Eric got to borrow a broken drumstick from a real drummer.
 But that’s nothing compared to what I’ve done.
 I’ve written the words to our new song.
 It’s about the end of January.
 First you sing “yeah” four times, and then you sing: “Laaaaaast day, fiiirst month. January says game over. February wants you to put in a quarter.”
After singing that eight times you sing “yeah” and then the song’s over.
 It’s totally cool.
 Christopher is always talking about this new video game called Sludge.
 His head is going to turn to sludge if he doesn’t stop playing video games so much.
 At least, that’s what they said on the news.
The Paytonville Pumas played last night.
 I don’t know where Paytonville is, but the Pumas lost.
 It’s too bad. 
For them at least.

And now onto the tragedy about the toilet paper stuck in my ear. Arnold tried to pick it out yesterday with a pencil. The tip broke off and so now I think I have lead poisoning too.
 Thanks Arnold - what a pal you are. Friend for sale - cheap!

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